Custom IoT battery pack

Wide temperature Iot battery (composed of composite pulse capacitive parallel lithium thionyl chloride battery)

The lithium battery ER is in parallel with the HPC, and the lithium battery charges the HPC with a tiny current through the voltage difference with the HPC. When it comes to external power, the HPC bears most of the current output, and before the next pulse arrives, the lithium-ion battery flushers the HPC to the appropriate voltage, and so on. Due to the no-load voltage characteristics of lithium battery, even after 80% of the capacity of lithium battery is consumed, its no-load voltage can still remain at 3.65V voltage (consistent with the new battery), that is, HPC will be charged to 3.65V, consistent with the new battery pack. The discharge capacity of HPC is basically unchanged, and the cycle is repeated until the capacity of lithium subbattery is exhausted, so as to ensure that the service life and discharge capacity of battery pack are consistent with the estimated, which greatly improves the effective capacity of the battery.

1、high current, high voltage, high pulse capacity, meet the long time pulse and equipment debugging capacity requirements;

2、 high current pulse capacity: maximum current up to 15A;

3、operating temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃, can be charged and discharged under extreme temperature;

4、ultra-long life cycle: 5000 times 100%DOD cycle, long service life: more than 10 years (more than the service life of electrical equipment);

5、the use of laser welding full seal technology, in extreme conditions to ensure no leakage;

6、low self-discharge rate: < 1% / year;

LONGSING Technology Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. and NAMI Research Institute of Hong Kong have been committed to the research, development and application of battery technology. We have a technical team to provide professional IoT battery pack solutions, and match appropriate power consumption solutions according to the end customers’ equipment power demand.

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