cold weather battery pack

Model: ER34615-4S2P+HPC15504S
Voltage: 14.4 V
Capacity: 38 ah
Maximum pulse current: 5A at room temperature
Operating temperature range: -40℃ ~ +85℃
Annual average capacity drop rate: ≤1%

lithium battery cold temperatureultra low temperature battery



ER34615-4S2P+HPC15504S Battery pack belongs to cold weather battery pack

ER34615 and HPC1550 are connected in parallel. the two voltage is always the same, external power supply, HPC1550 bear most of the current output; When operating to static, the ER34615 open-circuit voltage has an instinct to rise, and will instantly form a voltage difference with the capacitor, forming a charge, but this is only a moment of a point of balance. In this way, the ER repeatedly pulls up the voltage of the whole battery pack until the voltage reaches 3.66V and it can no longer be pulled and balanced. Before the next pulse arrives, the ER34615 flushs the HPC1550 to the appropriate voltage, since the discharge capacity of the HPC corresponds to the voltage. This cycle is repeated until the ER battery capacity is exhausted to ensure that the battery life and discharge capacity within the estimated range.

Low temperature batteries performance characteristics:
Fast voltage response (no voltage lag)
High reliability (laser welding, Glass-to-metal seal, can adapt to wet environment, prevent leakage)
Excellent storage (10 years)
The performance of the battery pack is guaranteed at the end of its life
Safe and reliable, environmental protection (UL, UN, IEC, ROHS)
Low temperature can be normal load power supply


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