Lithium thionyl chloride batteries can still be used after 10 years

3.6 v lithium battery

Lithium thionyl chloride batteries, designed to monitor various devices in the main power supply of wireless communication, can be used for 10 years with minimal power consumption. Most batteries discharge spontaneously without a load and become unusable after a few years.

At present, battery is used as the power supply of wireless sensor networks. Wireless sensor networks lay sensors in a wide range and send environmental data such as temperature in a wireless way. As the power supply, lithium thionyl chloride batteries do not need to replace batteries, which is the best choice for acquisition equipment.

The internal structure of lithium thionyl chloride battery determines its performance

Normally, a battery generates an electric current by connecting a load and moving electrons from the negative to the positive electrode. In lithium thionyl chloride batteries, electrons generated after the ionization of lithium (Li) in the negative electrode flow through the load to the positive electrode. In the positive electrode, sulfuryl chloride (SOCl2), which receives electrons, reacts with lithium ions to form substances such as lithium chloride (LiCl, S, SO2). As a result, lithium ions move from pole to pole through a membrane inserted between the positive and negative poles. That is, the lithium thionyl chloride battery’s energy is based on the chemical energy generated by the chemical reaction between lithium and thionyl chloride to become lithium chloride.

The output voltage is 3.6V and remains level until the end

The lithium thionyl chloride battery is characterized by an output voltage (nominal voltage) of 3.6V, which is the highest among disposable batteries that have been commercialized. Even if it continues to discharge, it can maintain roughly a certain voltage until it runs out. However, it is difficult to obtain a large current from such batteries, and the voltage drops during the short period of time when the current first passes, so this needs to be considered when designing the power supply.


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