Custom Battery Pack Designer & Manufacturer

Longsing Technologies has been designing and assembling custom battery solutions since 2000. We supply battery pack components for all chemical and all electronic applications, all built to meet the unique requirements of our customers. From medical and military equipment to emergency lighting systems and many industrial applications, we can design and manufacture the perfect portable power supply solution for your needs.solve the challenges faced by OEMs.
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Battery Customization Process

Rreliminary Preparation

  • 01. Customers Needs
  • 02. Technical Evaluation
  • 03. Solutions On Demand
Provide & Solutions
  • 04. Customer Confirms Plans
  • 05. Proofing Samples
  • 06. Laboratory Test

Customer Confirms

  • 07. Customer Confirms Products
  • 08. Mass production

Power Options for Custom Battery Assemblies

LongSing can produce custom made batteries in a range of chemistry types and configurations to meet our customers’ performance and size requirements.
Batteries choices:
1、Lithium Ion Batteries : 10440, 14430, 14500, 18650, 18500, 26650, 38120, 40160
2、Lithium LiFePO4 Batteries: Cylinder Cells, LiFePO4 Polymer cells and Prismatic Cells
3、High Discharge Power Tool Batteries: SC, 18650, 26650 Size
4、PCB/PCM/BMS: From 1 cell to 24 cells. Can customize with minimum qty
5、Related Chargers
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Custom battery packs

Our Customizabl Content

1、Pack:Battery pack with different voltages, capacities and discharge rates
2、PCM/BMS:With different sizes, different discharge cut-off voltage and charge 3、cut-off voltage, with communication system
4、Connector:Customized according to customer needs
5、Shell:If the battery needs a shell, we can provide according to the size of the equipment.
6、Others:Packaging methods, logistics, labels, etc. can all be customized on demand
4S6P Hot Swapable Battery Pack

High-Performance Custom Battery Systems

Longsing Technologies is an industry leader in the engineering and manufacturing of custom battery systems, specializing in lithium thionyl chloride battery packs and lithium battery packs. Our portable energy solutions optimize performance, size, service life and cost, and the advantages of technology give our customers a unique competitive advantage.
 We are one of the largest licensed custom battery pack assemblers in China, serving some of the most well-known battery manufacturers in the industry. Our excellence and professionalism is second to none, customized service with each client.

Customizable Fields

We can provide lithium batteries used in different fields and environments to meet different usage scenarios. Our custom battery packs are manufactured for various applications in the medical, military, aerospace, and portable devices industries.

Custom battery pack solutions we are trustworthy

At present, we have two businesses that can be fully customized, including lithium thionyl chloride battery pack and lithium battery pack. Longsing Technology has been focusing on the field of lithium battery customization for 22 years, with 3000+ high-quality shells in the field of lithium battery customization, and is dedicated to providing more competitive lithium battery customization solutions and products for global users.

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