lifepo4 battery 12v 200ah

Type:Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Rated Voltage:3.2V
Pack Standard:Capacity Difference≤5%;Resistance Difference≤ 3mΩ;Voltage deviation≤ 10 mv

Pack Index
Pack Method:4s1p
Rated Capacity:280AH
Nominal Voltage:12.8V
End-off Discharge voltage:10V
Max. Charge Voltage:14.6V
Standard Charge Current:56A
Maximum Charge continuous Current:280A
Continuous discharge current:140A
Maximum continuous discharge current:280A
Overcurrent value:294A(Can be set up)
Overcurrent protection delay:20S(Can be set up)
Short circuit recovery conditions:Disconnect the load automatic recovery
Short circuit protection:200uS
Charging temperature protection:0℃ ~ 60℃
Discharge temperature protection:-20℃ ~ 60℃
Lifetime (duration or cycles):Cycles: minimum 5000 80% capacity 1C charge/discharge
Max Weight :21.42kg(Does not contain the shell)
Battery size:L:285.8±3mm W:173.8±3mm H:207.15±3mm

High quality square lifepo4 battery 12v: compared with the traditional lead acid battery, it has higher energy density and cycle life, better electrical performance, safety, environmental protection and no pollution.

12v lithium ion battery pack
Excellent electrical performance: low internal resistance, high continuous current charge and discharge performance, large operating temperature range, more practical.

Supports multiple communication protocols: Supports multiple communication protocols, such as RS485, facilitating efficient battery management and maintenance.

Intelligent BMS battery management system: provides the battery with over-charge and over-discharge protection, over-current load protection, high temperature protection, battery balance, abnormal alarm and other functions.

The battery pack BMS

Good safety performance: in the ultimate safety performance test, the battery does not fire, explosion, no leakage, safer to use.

There are many requirements for production process of lithium battery, and non-compliant miscellaneous brands may have security risks. Longsing has invested heavily in specialized production lines.
1, high automation: highly automated production equipment to ensure the consistency of battery performance.

Lithium iron phosphate battery production line Lithium iron phosphate battery production line
2, high safety performance: square aluminum shell structure, and with explosion-proof valve combined cover plate, no leakage.

Lithium iron phosphate battery housing
3, high discharge rate: low battery resistance, high discharge rate, stable discharge platform.
4, customized design: product consistency is high, can be shipped with group, can accept customized services.

Lithium iron phosphate battery Pack
5, long cycle life
6, green environmental protection: through ISO14000 environmental system certification, products in line with GB, UN and ROHS instructions.
Application: Saloon car, communication energy storage, electric car, ship.

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