AGV battery

Specifications and Model: 24V50AH

Battery type: Lithium iron phosphate

Combination: 8 strings

Nominal voltage: 24V

Nominal capacity: 50AH

Cycle times: 1W times

Protection function: with charge and discharge protection

Charging voltage: 27V

Discharge voltage: 24V

Charging current: 5A

Discharge current: 100A

Maximum continuous discharge current: 100A

Maximum continuous charging current: 15A

Charging working temperature: 0-45℃

Discharge operating temperature: -20+60℃

AGV car lithium iron phosphate power battery;

Industrial robot truck, 485 communication lithium battery, AGV intelligent robot lithium battery

Brand electric cell, brand new A product

AGV battery cell

Automotive safety AGV power lithium battery

Source factory, support to customize a variety of standard batteries, fast matching requirements.

24V AGV battery

Vehicle electric level battery management system

1, a variety of protection strategies

2. High-precision acquisition module

3. Imported intelligent BMS chips

4, automotive electronic components

AGV battery BMS

Application Scenarios:

AGV car, disinfection robot, inspection robot, electric forklift, service robot, logistics robot

Picture of AGV battery application scenario

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