custom lithium battery manufacturers 3.7V 18650

Battery Type:Pack

Nominal Capacity:300Ah、150Ah、50Ah、100Ah、150Ah、200Ah

Nominal Voltage:3.7V、12V、12.8V、24V、36V、48V、72V


Custom lithium battery manufacturers 3.7V 18650

Longsing Technologies is a manufacturer specializing in custom lithium battery packs,We have a professional technical team, can customize your exclusive lithium battery pack.

For customers designing their own electric powertrains or completing devices for a specific application, Longsing provides one-stop services and fully integrated battery solution to reply to specific needs.

Li-ion Battery 18650 can parallel & assemble according to the customer’s request. Best Li-ion 18650 Batteries Manufacturer. 24 hour Global Delivery.


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