Pulse capacitor, super capacitor battery, supercap battery

Pulse capacitor is a new type of energy storage device between traditional capacitor and rechargeable battery. It has the characteristics of fast charge and discharge of capacitor and energy storage of battery, so it is called supercapacitor battery.

supercapacitor battery

Advantages of capacitor batteries:

1, the battery charging speed is faster: the battery charging ten seconds to ten minutes can reach more than 95 percent of its rated capacity.

2, high efficiency, high energy ratio: large power energy, can instantly form large energy, tip discharge in the whole process of small loss, fast energy cycle is equivalent to about five times more than the battery.

3, tip discharge efficiency is fast and charging resistance: ultra-high temperature resistance, can continue to work at high temperature of 75 degrees Celsius, can also continue to work at ultra-low temperature of -40 degrees Celsius.

4, long service life without memory effect: long cycle service life, deep charge and discharge cycle application frequency up to 1~ 500,000 times, no “memory effect”.

5, super capacitor capacitor battery production raw material green environmental protection: raw material structure natural pollution-free, the production of waste will not form harmful objects, is a very ideal green environmental protection battery.

Manufacturers of mixed pulse capacitors include EVE Battery (SPC), Tadiran(HLC), Longsing(HPC).


Above is the super capacity battery is introduced, in short battery as a power source, and the pulse capacitor as the basic of storage battery, its importance is very important, of course, if the capacitance and the characteristics of the battery can combine, so it must be very attractive, this is the greatest potential for super capacity battery, so the super capacity battery can gained popularity, That would certainly bring about a revolution.

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