Custom IoT battery pack ER26500+HPC1520

Nominal effective capacity:8.5AH

Nominal voltage: 3.66V

Load voltage (@5 ohms) : ≥3.2V

Maximum pulse current (@1S, @3.0V) : 1A

Annual average capacity drop rate: ≤1%

Operating temperature range: -40℃ ~ +85℃

Application industry: water meter, gas meter, smart manhole cover, smart city

Overhead processing size: height: 67mm diameter: 27mm

Side processing size: height: 52mm width 41mm thickness 26mm



The ER26500 is in parallel with the HPC1520 to form an IoT battery pack with high pulsed current capability, stable load voltage (no voltage lag), and can withstand extreme temperature environments.

As an emerging communication technology in the field of Internet of Things, NB-iot is a new narrowband cellular communication LPWAN (Low power Wide area Network) technology. It has the advantages of wide coverage, low power consumption, low cost, large connection and high security. It is suitable for long-distance, low rate, low power consumption, multi-terminal Internet of Things services and has a wide range of application scenarios.

Intelligent energy management is the development direction of future urban energy control, traditional lithium battery or lithium thionyl chloride batteries, because of the high leakage rate or battery lag can really satisfy the requirements of the smart meter, IOT series products of wide temperature, high capacity, large pulse current, low self-discharge rate, fully satisfying the requirements of content networking smart meters.

battery and capacitor in series

Application industry: water meter, gas meter, smart manhole cover, smart city

The commonly used battery model of smart water meter is ER26500+HPC1520, which can be used for 6+1 years.

The structure of the drawing is as follows:

capacitor and battery combination ER26500+HPC1520

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