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Model: ER34615-2S16P+HPC1550-2S2P
Voltage: 7.2 V
Capacity: 304 ah
Maximum pulse current: 10A at room temperature
Operating temperature range: -40℃ ~ +85℃
Annual average capacity drop rate: ≤1%

Are you looking for longest lasting battery?you can read about it IOT battery pack working principle:

Lithium subbattery is lithium metal battery with energy density close to hydrocarbon, which is the future direction of battery technology.

Now the biggest disadvantage of lithium battery can only be small current discharge, such as ER34615 can only be 2mA, under the condition of constant temperature and humidity at room temperature to reach the theoretical capacity of 19Ah, current, temperature change has a huge impact on performance, so the general use of small current equipment.

ER34615 batteryand HPC1550 in parallel, the two voltage is always the same, external power supply, HPC1550 bear most of the current output; When operating to static, the ER34615 open-circuit voltage has an instinct to rise, and will instantly form a voltage difference with the capacitor, forming a charge, but this is only a moment of a point of balance. In this way, the ER repeatedly pulls up the voltage of the whole battery pack until the voltage reaches 3.66V and it can no longer be pulled and balanced. Before the next pulse arrives, the ER34615 flushs the HPC1550 to the appropriate voltage, since the discharge capacity of the HPC corresponds to the voltage. This cycle is repeated until the ER battery capacity is exhausted, ensuring that the battery pack’s long life and discharge capacity is within the estimated range.

long life battery pack Performance characteristics:

High pulse current capability;

Fast voltage response (no voltage lag);

High reliability (laser welding, Glass-to-metal seal, can adapt to wet environment, prevent leakage);

Excellent storage (10 years);

Longevity battery pack, the performance of the end of the battery is guaranteed;

Ultra long life cycle: 5000 100%DOD cycles;

Extreme low temperature can be normal load power supply;

longest lasting battery Safe and reliable, capacitor explosion-proof through the United States and The European Union safety certification, in terms of safety protection: ALL HPC series through UL1642, ALL HPC series through IEC62133 certification; In terms of environmental protection: the whole series of HPC has passed ten ROHS tests; In terms of transportation: ALL HPC series have obtained UN38.3 safety transportation certification;

Military industry assembly process: lithium battery special design conforms to the characteristics of the capacitance, lang litres production in strict accordance with the military technology, before the assembly must select voltage, internal resistance of lithium batteries, control the consistency and stability of the battery, avoid the battery when using one of the monomer battery status, and bring the risk of accidents. Lansen strictly checks the quality of each battery group before shipment, such as: load voltage, open circuit voltage, battery internal resistance and other series of quality control;

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