high capacity vs performance batteries er34615 3.6V

Product Model: ER34615-4P

IEC model: D

Rated voltage (V) : 3.6

Capacity \ Current (mAh\mA) : 76000\5

Maximum continuous discharge current (mA) : 150

Operating temperature (℃) : -55~+85

Termination voltage (V) : 2.0

Annual self-discharge rate: < 2%

High capacity vs performance batteries,It is generally assembled by multiple cells to achieve the customer specified capacity and meet the performance of the equipment customization.

Longsing Technologies was founded in 2000 and has been dedicated to the research, development and application of battery technology. The company has a primary battery (lithium sulfuryl chloride), secondary battery HPC (lithium ion rechargeable battery) research and development, production capacity. In recent years, relying on the parent company in Hong Kong and actively cooperating with international scientific research institutions, the company has successfully developed a wide temperature Internet of things battery (composed of lithium thionyl chloride battery in parallel with composite pulse capacitor), which can work stably in the temperature range of -40℃-+85℃, breaking through the technical bottle head of lithium ion battery and lithium thionyl chloride battery. And applied for more than 30 invention patents. We will continue to innovate and develop new products to meet the needs of the future development of Internet of things technology. Such as intelligent transportation, container intelligent system, GPS positioning system, seabed positioning, logistics and transportation system.

High capacity battery performance characteristics:

high capacity vs performance batteries, long life battery pack, the performance of the battery at the end of the period is guaranteed;

Continuous discharge;

Fast voltage response;

High reliability (laser welding, Glass-to-metal seal, can adapt to wet environment, prevent leakage);

Excellent storage (10 years);

Extreme low temperature can be normal load power supply;

High capacity lithium thionyl chloride battery pack military assembly process: the lithium battery special design, lang litres production in strict accordance with the military technology, before the assembly must select voltage, internal resistance of lithium batteries, control the consistency and stability of the battery, avoid the battery when using one of the monomer battery status, and bring the risk of accidents. Lansen strictly checks the quality of each battery group before shipment, such as: load voltage, open circuit voltage, battery internal resistance and other series of quality control;

If your device still needs more current to upload communication data to the background, you can assemble the lithium thionyl chloride battery together with the composite pulse capacitor HPC, which can make your device longer life, maintain high current pulse, voltage stability, low temperature -40° high current discharge.

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