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Product model: ER34615-2S4P+HPC1550-2S2P

Rated voltage (V) : 7.2

Nominal capacity (mAh) : 76000

Maximum continuous discharge current (mA):6A

Operating temperature (℃) : -40~+85

Annual self-discharge rate: < 2%

Longsing Technology has been committed to the research, development and application of battery technology custom battery pack manufacturer, through continuous development, the company has been equipped with primary battery (lithium sulfuryl chloride), secondary battery (lithium ion rechargeable battery) research and development, production capacity. For custom battery pack designs, custom battery packs, lithium batteries, rechargeable battery components, we offer all your custom battery needs, we can provide power solutions for applications requiring reliable portable operation in a variety of standard and harsh environments. Customized lithium batteries are widely used in 3C consumer electronics, medical care, smart wear, public safety, power communication, automotive power supply, security communication, transportation logistics, mapping, photovoltaic energy storage, police monitoring, special fields.

How custom battery packs work:

Lithium subbattery is lithium metal battery with energy density close to hydrocarbon, which is the future direction of battery technology. Now the biggest disadvantage of lithium battery can only be small current discharge, such as ER34615 can only be 2mA, under the condition of constant temperature and humidity at room temperature to reach the theoretical capacity of 19Ah, current, temperature change has a huge impact on performance, so the general use of small current equipment. In order to make full use of the capacity of lithium-ion batteries, Lonson technology developed HPC. In order to maximize the performance of lithium-ion batteries, IOT battery packs have the advantage of long life batteries.

Performance characteristics:

High pulse current capability;

Fast voltage response (no voltage lag);

High reliability (laser welding, Glass-to-metal seal, can adapt to wet environment, prevent leakage);

Excellent storage (10 years);

Longevity battery pack, the performance of the end of the battery is guaranteed;

Ultra long life cycle: 5000 100%DOD cycles;

Extreme low temperature can be normal load power supply;

Longsing Technology is a professional customized battery manufacturer, safe and reliable, capacitor explosion-proof through the United States and the European Union safety certification, in terms of safety protection: all HPC series have passed UL1642, HPC series have passed IEC62133 certification; In terms of environmental protection: the whole series of HPC has passed ten ROHS tests; In terms of transportation: ALL HPC series have obtained UN38.3 safety transportation certification;

We are professional to custom battery pack manufacturer in china, focusing on the field of lithium battery customization for 22 years, with 3000+ high-quality shell in the field of lithium battery customization, dedicated to providing more competitive lithium battery customization solutions and products for global users.

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