Product Model: HPC1550-2S3P

Rated voltage (V) : 8V

Nominal capacity: 1500mAh

Maximum pulse current (A):3A

Operating temperature: -40° C to +85° C

Termination voltage (V) : 2.5V

Annual self-discharge rate: < 1%

Longsing Technologies has developed and manufactured primary batteries ,lithium thionyl chloride and supercapacitor,lithium ion rechargeable batteries. Companies relying on the parent company in Hong Kong in recent years, actively cooperate with international research institutions, successfully developed a wide temperature iot battery, the super capacitor parallel connection of lithium thionyl chloride battery, the battery can be in to 40 ℃ to + 85 ℃ temperature range and stable work, broke the lithium ion battery and lithium thionyl chloride battery technology bottleneck, and apply for more than 30 patents of invention. We will continue to innovate and develop new products to meet the needs of the future development of Internet of things technology. Such as intelligent transportation, container intelligent system, GPS positioning system, seabed positioning, logistics and transportation system.

Supercapacitor specifications:

Operating temperature: -40 ℃ ~ +85 ℃

High current pulse capability: maximum current up to 15A

Low annual self-discharge rate: &lt; 1% /

Super long life cycle: 5000 100%DOD cycles

Long service life: more than 10 years (more than the service life of electrical equipment)

Charge and discharge at extreme temperatures

Laser welded full seal technology ensures no leakage under extreme conditions

Environmental protection green new energy

Military assembly process of high-pulse current battery pack: Longsing is manufactured in strict accordance with military technology. Before assembly, it is necessary to select ultracapacitors with consistent voltage and internal resistance to control the consistency and stability of the battery pack, so as to avoid unstable performance caused by inconsistent state of one single battery in the use of the ultracapacitor battery pack. Lansen strictly checks the quality of each group of ultracapacitors before shipment, such as: load voltage, open circuit voltage, battery internal resistance and other series of quality control;

If your device needs a bigger current support upload communication data to the background, you can use the lang litres of science and technology of supercapacitor products, if you want the equipment service life is longer, can be lithium thionyl chloride battery and supercapacitor battery HPC assembly together, can make your equipment last longer, maintain large current pulse, voltage stability, low temperature and 40 ° large current discharge.

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