Omnicel er26500 battery, er26500 lithium battery

Model number: ER26500

Nominal Voltage: 3.6V

Nominal Capacity: 8500mAh

Max. continuous discharge current: 100mA

Max. pulse discharge current: 200mA

Operating Temperature: -55℃ to 85℃

Chemistry: Lithium Thionyl Chloride Battery


PDF iconER26500-specification

The Omnicel er26500 lithium battery provides high energy, high reliability 3.6 volt power source, low self-discharge rate gives this cell a 10 year shelf life. Stable voltage and broad temperature

ER26500 Battery Features:

  • Excellent shelf life (10 years at room temperature).
  • Best suit for low current discharge
  • Wide temperature range from -55℃ to +85℃
  • Low self-discharge (1% or less per year)

The Applications of ER26500

Water meters, Gas meters, Kilowatt per-hour meters, Electronic Packing meters, PC real-time clocks, Medical Equipment, CMOS memory backup


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