How to maintain AGV lithium battery?

At present, with the rapid development of various industries, the demand for AGV lithium battery has increased significantly, and many enterprises are facing difficulties in recruitment. The emergence of AGV industrial robots has provided an effective and powerful needle for relevant industries, saving labor costs and creating more value. As we all know, THE power of AGV comes from batteries. With the continuous release of AGV demand, the AGV lithium batteries market has developed into a arable land. Currently, many AGVs or transport robots use lithium batteries as a power source.

24V AGV battery

In order to timely understand the status of AGV lithium battery and ensure their normal operation, the batteries must be regularly checked and maintained. Note the following points:

First, use a multimeter to measure the open-circuit voltage of agv lithium ion battery regularly every month, 12.8V is the standard value, if the single battery is higher than 12.8V is normal, if it is lower than the standard value, it is necessary to charge the battery in time. Every three months check whether the lithium battery is damaged, whether there is leakage between the shell and cover, if there is leakage should find out the reason. Whether there is dust on the surface and cracks on the shell cover should be replaced in time. If there is dust, wipe it with a wet cloth. Check the connector for rust.

Two, timely charging. Lithium batteries must be removed from the AGV cart and stored separately. When storing lithium batteries, it is recommended to avoid placing the batteries outdoors, under low temperature or adverse conditions, and place them in dry and ventilated areas as far as possible.

Three, use the original charger. Use professional original matching charging adapter to charge agv car battery to prevent battery life loss or unnecessary safety risks caused by mismatching of battery and charger.

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