What’s the difference between supercapacitor and battery?

Supercapacitor and traditional lithium thionyl chloride batteries are both energy storage batteries, which can achieve the purpose of energy storage, and they have certain similarities in function. But there are also differences. Today, Longsing Technology will take a look at the differences between supercapacitor battery and traditional lithium thionyl chloride batteries.

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1. Supercapacitors and batteries are energy storage components. However, there are differences. The energy storage process of supercapacitor is a physical process, while the energy storage of battery is a chemical reaction process, and the two have essential differences.

2. In terms of energy conversion, the energy conversion process of supercapacitor is relatively simple, and there is only conversion between two forms of electric energy. Conventional batteries also have a conversion between electrical and chemical energy.

3. From the perspective of power characteristics, the power characteristics of ultracapacitors are better than that of batteries. They can charge and discharge quickly with large current.

4, on the capacity of it, traditional battery storage capacitance is small, can meet the demand of small load circuit, for high load circuit, conventional batteries generally incompetent, and super capacitor capacity level farah level can be achieved, even the high load and complex circuit, super capacitor will also be able to meet the needs of the operation.

5, due to the physical process of supercapacitor charging, so the life is long, the general charge and discharge times of more than 500,000 times, battery charge and discharge times is much less, lead acid battery 500 times, lithium battery 1000-1500 times, different types of charge and discharge times are not the same;

6, from the perspective of environmental protection, the traditional battery can not be decomposed, can not be disposed of and discarded at will, but also have a negative impact on the environment; Supercapacitor is a kind of green energy, which will not pollute the environment in the process of material composition, production, use, energy storage and even disassembly. It is an ideal environmental protection energy.

7. Compared with traditional batteries, supercapacitors charge faster, reaching more than 90 percent of rated capacity in only 10 seconds to 10 minutes, which is difficult for traditional batteries to achieve at present.

From the comparison of the two mentioned above, we can not only explore the difference between ultracapacitors and traditional batteries, but also clearly see the advantages of ultracapacitors. Not only now, but even in the future, supercapacitors will have an absolute advantage in the field of energy storage components, and also have a broad prospect in the automobile, Internet of things and other industries.

In some cases that require high power discharge and high energy, supercapacitor and lithium thionyl chloride battery can be used together to give full play to the advantages of both.

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