cr34615 battery

Product Model: CR34615

IEC model: D

Rated voltage (V) : 3.0

Weight (G) : 125

Nominal capacity \ Current (mAh\mA) : 12000\10

Maximum continuous discharge current (mA) : 2000

Operating temperature (℃) : -40~+70

Termination voltage (V) : 2.0

Annual self-discharge rate: < 2%

Size: 34 * 61.5 mm

cr34615 size

Cr34615 performance parameters (standard value within one year of battery life)

Nominal capacity: 12000mAH (discharge capacity at 10mA,+25°C, 2.0V termination voltage)

Maximum allowable continuous discharge current: 2000mA(25°C to 2.0V, up to 50% nominal capacity)

Maximum pulse discharge capacity: 3000mA(15 seconds, up to 2.0V, 25°C, 10mA, discharge depth of 50%)

Cr34615 battery product features:

1, high monomer voltage: open circuit voltage 2.8C~3.2V

2, wide temperature range: can be used between -60℃ to 85℃ temperature range

3, high specific energy: high capacity, stable performance. The discharge voltage is stable without voltage lag. Can provide high current discharge.

4, good storage life: it has a very low self-discharge characteristics, annual self-discharge rate ≤2%, and its manufacturing adopts stainless steel shell and metal-glass sealed airtight welding structure.

5, safety model pollution-free: does not contain mercury, cadmium, lead and other heavy metals, no environmental pollution.

6. Good sealing performance: thionyl chloride battery is fully sealed, the battery cover is welded to the battery shell, the positive and negative electrodes are insulated and sealed by glass-metal sealing, and the liquid injection hole is fully sealed by steel ball welding.

7, the use of special sealing technology, double anti-riot hole design safety cooling hole, improve battery stability, to bring more protection to the battery.

8.  cr34615 belongs to disposable battery, which is different from rechargeable battery. Charging is prohibited.

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