Batteries button cells CR2032 Batteries

Model number CR2032
Battery Type Li-MnO2
Nominal Capacity 220mAh
Nominal  Voltage 3.0V
Battery Size 20.0+3.2
Brand Name Long Sing
Certification UN38.3
Place of Origin China
Shape Cylindrical
Weight 3.0g

Batteries button cells, CR2032 Batteries,Lithium Manganese Dioxide 3V Button Cell Battery

Application:Electric Bicycles/Scooters, electric vehicles, Electric Wheelchairs

Maximum continous current:5mA

Maximum pulse capability:Typical up to 15mA

Operating temperature range:-20℃~+60℃

CR2032 Cylindrica Batteries Hot Sales High Energy 3.0V 220mAh A non rechargeable Primary Li-MnO2 Battery

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