Lithium thionyl chloride high capacity battery

Lithium thionyl chloride battery has the highest specific energy in the battery, due to being both a solvent and a positive active material, its specific energy can reach 420Wh/Kg in general, and up to 650Wh/Kg at low rate discharge.

Li socl2 battery nominal voltage is 3.6V, with lithium metal as the negative electrode, with thionyl chloride as the positive electrode, using inorganic electrolyte lithium primary battery; it is disposable lithium battery, non-rechargeable lithium battery.

Tadiran’s long-life, high-capacity lithium-thionyl chloride battery has a self-discharge rate of just 0.7 percent per year, compared with 1 percent for Longsing’s battery and as high as 3 percent for competing batteries. Longsing’s battery is comparable to Tadiran’s battery.

Lithium socl2 battery is mainly cylindrical, the common standard series are: ER34615, ER26500, ER14505, ER114250; The largest capacity of the battery ER34615 capacity of 19000Ah. Customers in the selection of battery solutions, if there is a high capacity, long life requirements, you can first consider the ER34615 cell series and parallel technology to achieve voltage and capacity life requirements.

omnicel er34615 LI SOCl2 battery

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