Low temperature batteries

Lisocl2 low temperature batteries longsing lithium thionyl chloride LiSOCl2 cryogenic batteries power a variety of medical devices, including automated external defibrillators, surgical power tools, robotic cameras, RFID asset tags, oximeters, and burn loss devices. They also power the temperature of equipment that monitors goods and materials in transit along the cold chain.ultra-low temperature battery Can solve the problem of power supply in extreme temperature environment.

Cylindrical LiSOCl2 cryogenic batteries are preferred for use in the cold chain because they have the highest specific energy (energy per unit weight) and energy density (energy per unit volume) of any battery. Lithium batteries use a non-aqueous electrolyte and have an open circuit voltage between 1.7 and 3.9V. Lithium-ion batteries also have a wider operating temperature range, depending on the absence of water and the chemical and physical stability of the material.low temperature lithium-ion battery the material inside determines its performance.

Lisocl2 low temperature batteries can handle temperatures down to -55°C

low temperature lithium ion battery

Cylindrical Li/SOCl2 battery to provide the most wide temperature range, they are very suitable for high temperature and high pressure sterilization and used in the cold chain, in the cold chain, in order to save the tissue samples, organ transplants, need to keep consistent with the low temperature, with dry ice frozen or transport of drugs and food of low-temperature battery tested it in low greenhouse cylindrical lithium/SOCl2 battery, Keep the battery working in low temperature environment.

In all of the available lithium chemicals, our cylindrical lithium/SOCl2 low-temperature batteries (lithium thionyl chloride) because of its high energy density, high capacity, high strength, high strength, high strength, high strength, low current (microamps to low ma), especially suitable for long time need stability low current (microamps to low ma) applications, low self-discharge rate.

LiSOCl2 chemistry also performs well at extreme temperatures and is suitable for autoclaving or chemical sterilization systems. For example, RFID real-time positioning systems continuously monitor the location and status of medical equipment throughout a medical facility without removing batteries from pressure cookers before sterilization.

ultra-low temperature battery

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