Characteristics of 3.6V AA lithium thionyl chloride battery

3.6V AA lithium thionyl chloride battery,longsing Technologies’ er14505,AA high capacity ; Performance and SFTA lithium subbattery ER14500, Tadiran high energy lithium battery AA standard, 3.6V; Not rechargeable; Temperature range -55 °C to 85°C.

lithium battery er14505 size aa 3.6 volts

The rated voltage of lithium thionyl chloride battery AA ER14505 is 3.6V, and the working voltage varies with the load, generally between 3.0V and 3.6V, which is the highest of all single batteries at present. Lithium sulfide chloride battery ER14505 is especially suitable for long time discharge, the load voltage is very stable, more than 90% of the capacity can be released in the voltage is almost constant high platform. Lithium sulfide chloride battery AA ER14505 can be used in extreme harsh environment, conventional battery can be used in -55℃~+85℃ environment, special battery can be used in up to 150℃ environment; The annual self-discharge rate of the battery is less than 1% at room temperature, and the storage life can be up to 15 years at lower than 35℃.

Main features:

3.6V AA lithium thionyl chloride battery Stable high operating voltage platform, high volume ratio energy/mass ratio, low energy self-discharge rate, up to 15 years of storage life (under the environment of less than 20℃, the annual self-discharge rate is less than 1%); All stainless steel body, metal glass sealing structure, otherwise inorganic electrolyte, wide temperature range -55~+85℃.

Lithium thionyl chloride battery types: ER34615, ER26500, ER18505, ER17505, ER14250, etc

3.6 v lithium battery

Main uses:

Lithium sulfuryl chloride battery ER14505 can be used in a variety of fields, mainly used in smart card meters (water, electricity, gas meters), computer support power supply, medical equipment, wireless communication, oil drilling, portable communication equipment, scientific research instruments, remote control data acquisition system, military applications and other electric equipment.

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