Introduction of lithium thionyl chloride (ER)+ composite pulse capacitance (HPC)

For the Internet of Things with communications and all high-current pulse to sleep mode applications, LONGSING has introduced the Immediate response battery series, which consists of a composite pulse capacitor HPC randomly matching all LONGSING lithium thionyl chloride batteries in parallel, or ER+HPC for short.

The capacity of the whole battery pack is determined by the capacity of ER battery. The capacity can be increased by parallel connection, and the voltage can be increased by series connection. High current pulse capability and low temperature capability are determined by HPC. The immediate response of the battery pack series can greatly improve the effective capacity and discharge capacity of the ER battery.

It overcomes the influence of ER passivation film alone, without lag, without activation, can be put into use immediately after long-term storage, working temperature -40℃-85 ℃.

The working principle of ER+HPC is as follows: ER and HPC are connected in parallel, and their voltage is always the same. When external power is supplied, HPC undertakes most of the current output. When the work turns to static, the open-circuit voltage of ER has an instinct to rise, which will instantly form a voltage difference with the capacitor and form a charge, but this is only a point balance in the moment. In this way, the ER repeatedly pulls up the voltage of the whole battery pack until the voltage reaches 3.65V and the balance is reached. Before the next pulse arrives, ER flushs the HPC to the appropriate voltage, since the discharge capacity of the HPC corresponds to the voltage. This cycle is repeated until the ER battery capacity is exhausted, ensuring that the battery life and discharge capacity are within the estimated range.

Immediate response battery pack ER+HPC application features:

1、The high-capacity characteristic of ER is retained. The addition of HPC greatly improves the high-current pulse and low-temperature load capacity of the battery pack.

2、HPC can “manage” the effective output capacity of ER, and make the effective output capacity of ER reach the standard of more than 95% of the said capacity in the scenario where the large current pulse turns to static state.

3、Due to the open-circuit voltage recovery characteristics of ER battery, even after the capacity of ER battery is consumed to 80%, its voltage can still be restored to 3.65V(consistent with the new power), which is equivalent to HPC will be charged to this voltage, the performance is always the same. The later discharge capacity of the whole ER+HPC battery pack is not weakened at all. The life of the battery pack is basically as expected. Completely overcomes the influence of battery pack capacity consumption on discharge capacity.

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