Iot solutions

Lithium battery and intelligent iot

New power in the era of intelligent Internet of Things —- Lithium battery, Langsheng Technology combines the industry’s advanced lithium battery technology with the Internet of things, to build a comprehensive solution of lithium battery and intelligent life, to create a more intelligent lifestyle for the end customers.

battery and capacitor combination

Smart meter battery solution

Lansen technology provides integrated solutions for smart meters such as water, electricity and gas meters, including cylindrical, pulse enhanced and safety enhanced batteries.

battery and capacitor combination

20 years +

More than 20 years of industry experience, profound technical accumulation, and continuous innovation.

1.3 billion +

More than 1.3 billion smart meter batteries have been provided to the world, which are stable and efficient.


Ultra-wide operating temperature to meet the needs of extreme environments.

3.6 v

Nominal voltage 3.6V, provides a stable high operating voltage platform, stable voltage, suitable for long time discharge applications.


When stored at 25℃ for 1 year, the self-discharge rate is less than 1%, and the storage life is 10~20 years.

High pulse

The composite power supply has ampere-level pulse current output capacity, which meets the requirements of 4G, LoRa, NB-iot communication.

The large capacity

Lithium-sulfuryl chloride batteries have high energy density and low self-discharge rate, providing sufficient power.

-40℃ ~ +85℃

Ultra-wide operating temperature to meet the needs of extreme environments.

Safe and reliable

Internet of Things terminal market applications for more than 10 years, stable and reliable.

Smart city power supply solution

Lansheng technology has always been committed to the application research of the Internet of things in the whole field, combining with the real scene and energy consumption demand, tailored diversified power solutions.

Automotive electronic battery solutions

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Long life

More than 9 years of practical application verification, long endurance, more durable.

Stable global supply

More than 250 million automotive electronic batteries have been provided to the world, with stable operation.

The car level gauge

The battery capacitor meets the requirements of GB/T 38444 and AEC-Q200, which is safer and more reliable.

High safety

Through the whole series of safety certification, to ensure the whole life cycle of safe application.

Industry optimization

Serving the world’s top 10 brands

All solutions

Cylindrical ternary battery, square ternary battery, square lithium iron phosphate battery, cylindrical lithium iron phosphate battery, customized battery pack.

Quick charge is strong

High rate charge and discharge

Stable operation at low temperature

It can meet the high and low temperature cycle under the condition of -20°+55℃

Automotive electronic battery solutions

Lansheng Technology carries out in-depth research on the basis of customer products + scenarios, and has a comprehensive solution for light power battery, so that each user can enjoy the high quality product experience with full power and long battery life.


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