Intelligent hydrant

Traditional fire hydrant management relies on manual regular inspection, which consumes manpower and material resources and has poor management effect. And intelligent fire hydrant can real-time monitor fire hydrant stolen water, water, no water, water pressure, an abnormal collision, theft, and other working condition, can effectively monitor the fire hydrant water pressure is insufficient, sensitive accurate found “water” and “fire hydrant failure” problem, realize the real-time monitoring of running status of fire hydrant daily, intelligent analysis and unification management.

capacitor and battery combination

The staff introduced that if you want to use the water from intelligent fire hydrants, you must have the legal identity of the operator and open the cap of the fire hydrant with an IC card. Once someone moves the fire hydrant without any reason, the intelligent fire hydrant monitoring system will receive the alarm and inform the maintenance personnel in time. At the same time, the intelligent fire hydrant is clearly positioned on the GIS map, and the abnormal state is clear at a glance, which is convenient for firefighters to quickly find the nearest normal fire hydrant.

low temperature batteries

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