AGV intelligent handling robot

In the production workshop of most small and medium-sized enterprises, part of the production automation level has been gradually mature, but in the workshop logistics and transportation also mainly rely on manpower to solve. With the increasing cost of employment and the serious shortage of young and middle-aged labor force in the manufacturing industry, it has become an important way for enterprises to improve their production efficiency to replace human beings with robots to solve logistics and transportation.

AGV intelligent handling robot

Advantages of AGV application

1、As a generation carrier, AGV replaces manual handling and reduces the rate of human error

2、AGV automatic transmission reduces waiting time and improves transport efficiency

3、AGV intelligent handling, can automatically scan code to identify each need to transfer the material, the material will be automatically transported to the designated place

4、AGV management system includes traffic management functions, reducing safety risks

Of course, in order to make the robot work ideal, the development of intelligent AGV robot lithium battery technology is also an important part, after all, the battery is the core power source of intelligent robot work.

Intelligent AGV robot battery type

Intelligent AGV robot battery mainly has lead acid battery, nickel metal hydride battery and lithium battery three categories, and lithium battery is divided into steel shell cylindrical lithium battery, lithium iron phosphate battery, ordinary lithium battery and high-performance polymer lithium battery. As a result of large discharge rate and environmental protection requirements, lead acid battery will gradually withdraw from the market, lithium battery and nickel metal hydride battery is more advantageous. Nickel-metal hydride battery and lithium battery, nickel-metal hydride battery discharge rate is not very high, so in high power discharge, than the rate of discharge type of lithium battery is worse, but the cost of nickel-metal hydride battery is low, has a certain competitive advantage.

The intelligent robot moving goods of mainstream is 48 v lithium battery voltage, the other has 36 v, 52 v, 72 v, because the battery is a relatively real data, so don’t usually have virtual target case, the capacitance of the battery is different, the quantity of battery capacity is a change, is will follow to use and change of data, such as internal resistance increases, The effective capacity is going to get smaller. Of course, the battery capacity is adjusted appropriately according to the operation requirements. The medium-sized battery capacity is generally about 80Ah. As for the battery size, it depends on the specific needs of customers.

Intelligent cargo handling robot lithium battery as a power type of lithium battery, so the current use is more power 18650 lithium battery and power lithium iron phosphate battery.

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