aa lithium rechargeable batteries

Model: 14500
Nominal capacity: 850mAh
Nominal voltage: 3.7V
Resistance: ≤70mΩ
Maximum continuous charging current: 0.85A (1C)
Maximum continuous discharge current: 1.7A (2C)
Standard normal temperature cycle life: 300Cycle≥80% 2.75V-4.2V (with 1C/1C)
Mass specific energy density: 146Wh/kg
Volume specific energy density: 412Wh/L
Battery diameter: 14.1±0.2mm
Battery height: 51.5±0.5mm

aa lithium rechargeable batteries features: fast charging, high rate, long life; Small figure, big power!

3.7V AA rechargeable lithium battery voltage stability, the use of rest assured: stable power supply, effectively prevent unstable current damage to the host, protect circuit safety, stable and reliable, good quality, cost-effective.

aa lithium rechargeable batteries capacity: large capacity, long endurance, long use time.

Processing and customization: PACK battery PACK to undertake research and development, assembly services.

rechargeable lithium aa batteries

Rechargeable lithium aa batteries application: Application: electric shaver, electric razor, electric toothbrush

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