can lithium batteries be recharged

Rechargeable lithium batteries are secondary batteries (rechargeable batteries) that rely on lithium ions moving between positive and negative electrodes. During the charging and discharging process, Li+ is embedded and de-embedded back and forth between the two electrodes: When charging, Li+ is de-embedded from the positive electrode, and embedded into the negative electrode through the electrolyte, which is in a lithium-rich state; The opposite is true when discharging.

AGV battery cell

Lithium batteries have high energy density and high average output voltage. Self discharge small, good battery, below 2% per month (recoverable). No memory effect. The wide operating temperature range is -20℃ ~ 60℃. Excellent cycle performance, fast charging and discharging, charging efficiency up to 100%, and large output power. Long service life. It does not contain toxic and harmful substances and is called green battery.

The general lithium batteries charging current is set between 0.2C and 1C, the greater the current, the faster the charging, and the greater the battery heating. What’s more, too much current can’t charge to full capacity, because the electrochemical reactions inside the cell take time. Just like pouring beer, if you pour it too fast, you’ll get frothy and dissatisfied.

rechargeable lithium aa batteries

Normal use of a battery is the process of discharging. Note the following points when discharging lithium batteries, such as 3.7V lithium ion batteries:

First, the discharge current should not be too large, because excessive current may cause heat inside the battery, which may cause permanent damage. On the phone, this is no problem, can not consider.

Second, can’t overdischarge. Lithium batteries internal storage of electric energy is achieved by electrochemical a reversible chemical change, excessive discharge will lead to this chemical change irreversible reaction occurs, so lithium battery is most afraid of overdischarge, once the discharge voltage is lower than 2.7V, it may lead to the battery scrap. Fortunately, mobile phone batteries are already equipped with protection circuits, the voltage is not low enough to damage the battery, the protection circuit will work, stop discharge.

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