Application of IOT battery pack in automatic emergency call system—-E-CALL

With the increasing popularity of cars, traffic accidents caused by cars are more frequent. Unfortunately, people who die in car accidents are mostly caused by the failure to take timely and effective calls for help after the accident.

Statistics show that 60 percent of fatal accidents involving only one vehicle occur in the wild, where there is no one, and in such cases, the death rate can be significantly reduced if emergency treatment is timely. Therefore, the advent of automatic emergency call system will change that history.

The emergency automatic call system uses wireless communication system and global positioning system technology. After an accident occurs, it can automatically send an emergency call and the system automatically determines the location. The emergency call system can be activated in two ways, either automatically when the airbag is activated or by pressing the ‘SOS’ button on the dashboard. After the emergency call system is activated, it will automatically send a text message to the rescue through the use of SIM card call system and satellite positioning system, informing the car’s model, license plate number, owner’s name, mobile phone number and the car’s satellite positioning data, so that the staff can determine what kind of rescue action to implement.

At present, most of the automatic emergency call systems on the market use the car battery as a power source. In practice, there are still some problems with using car batteries as auxiliary power. For example, in the event of an accident, the battery could be damaged, resulting in a breakdown of communication. Backup power has proved necessary to maintain communication.

After analysis, the system has the following typical technical requirements for the standby power supply:

(1) When the on-board power supply fails, it should be able to provide instantaneous high performance pulse output capacity of more than 10W immediately;

(2) The temperature requirements should be broad, in order to adapt to a variety of high and low temperature complex temperature environment;

(3) High reliability, long life, adapt to long-term storage.

For the application of the call system, Lansheng technology designed a backup power supply solution: HPC. When the main power supply of the system fails, the backup power supply can be started immediately to complete the normal work of the whole system and win precious time for rescue.

longsing HPC power supply solutions are characterized by both capacity requirements for power applications and high pulse output capability. In this combination, the HPC acts as a power amplifier, providing a high current pulse output. This combination scheme perfectly meets the technical requirements of long life, high pulse, wide application range of temperature and high safety of the emergency automatic call system.

The features of Lansheng e-Call solution perfectly meet the technical requirements of emergency automatic call system backup power supply:

(1) No lag and high output power

(2) Wide operating temperature range

It can work normally in the temperature range of -40℃~+85℃. Can adapt to a variety of high and low temperature complex application environment, especially in -40℃ extremely low temperature environment, can provide at least 1000mA pulse current output capacity。

(3) Long life, high reliability, small self-discharge

Capacitor cycle life 100%DOD reaches 6000 times, self-discharge is 1% per year.

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