cr2 battery

Model: CR2

Nominal capacity: 850mAh

Discharge capacity: 800±50mAh(10mA discharge termination voltage 2.0V)

Nominal voltage: 3V

Operating temperature range: -40~+85℃

Maximum pulse current: 2500mA

Maximum continuous discharge current: 1000mA

Structure and composition: Manganese dioxide anode, lithium anode, organic liquid, diaphragm and steel shell, etc

Weight: reference value 11g


cr2 battery size

Cr2 battery stable lithium cell: high performance lithium electric structure, high monomer voltage, stable discharge, reliable performance; Using extra high active electrolyte, high energy density; Environmental protection, no pollution, recyclable.

Cr2 battery product features:

1, stable performance: safe and stable lithium ion battery, stable voltage, reduce damage to the instrument. One use, different from rechargeable lithium battery, eliminate charging, eliminate explosion risk, let you have a safer life.

2, mercury-free environmental protection, no pollution: the use of mercury-free environmental protection technology, family health and environmental harmless, so that your life is safer and worry less.

3, abundant power, durable: the use of new real large capacity a-class lithium, stable output, strong power, durable.

4, Product application: digital products, loudspeakers, intelligent products, medical equipment.

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