Can the er34615h battery replace the saft LS33600 battery?

SAFT is the world’s leading manufacturer of lithium sulfuryl chloride batteries and major lithium batteries. Its lithium ion battery products are mainly used in industrial infrastructure, logistics, R&D base construction, municipal and military needs. Relying on high-end lithium ion technology, its aerospace and military lithium battery is a world leader.

The SAFT LS33600 battery has the same characteristics as the er34615h battery:

omnicel er34615 LI SOCl2 battery

High and low temperature resistance: the product can be used normally in the environment of -55°-85°, and can adapt to various indoor and outdoor environmental temperatures.
Good storage life: low self-discharge, valid for up to 10 years (stored in low temperature dry environment, can relatively prolong the battery storage time)
Stable voltage, protection of electrical appliances: products with special processing technology, will not appear high and low unstable current. Better protection of appliances.

er34615h battery capacity is higher than SAFT LS33600 nearly 2AH, can ensure a greater degree of equipment discharge life. Under the same advantage conditions, the price of er34615h lithium battery also has a relative advantage.

battery and capacitor combination

The SAFT LS33600 and er34615h batteries can also be added with an tadiran HLC1520 to meet the high pulse current requirements of the terminal equipment, since the pulse current of the lithium sulfuryl chloride battery alone is around 300mA. If HPC1550 is added, the battery string voltage is stable and the device voltage fluctuation is not affected. It can also meet the pulse requirements of large current of equipment, so that the power supply of equipment can be used for a longer time.

er34615h batteries and HPC1520 are connected in parallel, and their voltage is always the same. When external power is supplied, HPC1520 undertakes most of the current output. When the work turns to static, the open-circuit voltage of er34615 lithium batteries have an instinct to rise, which will instantly form a voltage difference with the capacitor and form a charge, but this is only a point balance in the moment. In this way, the er34615h batteries repeatedly pulls up the voltage of the whole battery pack until the voltage reaches 3.66V and it can no longer be pulled and balanced. Before the next pulse arrives, ER34615h lithium batteries flushs the HPC to the appropriate voltage, since the discharge capacity of the HPC1520 corresponds to the voltage. This cycle is repeated until the ER battery capacity is exhausted to ensure that the battery life and discharge capacity within the estimated range.

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