Reservoir dam on-line monitoring scheme

As an important water conservancy project hub, reservoir dam plays a huge engineering benefit, bearing the arduous task of People’s Daily life and industrial and agricultural production. Reservoir dam not only for flood control and flood control dispatching, to ensure the safety of the party has made a great contribution, and also take into account irrigation, power generation, people and livestock drinking water, a little careless will bring unpredictable disasters to the country and people, so the safety of the reservoir dam is particularly important!

Monitoring items:

1. Deformation monitoring

Surface deformation of dam body (foundation)

Internal deformation of dam body (foundation)

Impermeable body deformation

Interface, joint (crack) and void deformation

Bank slope deformation near dam

Deformation of surrounding rock of underground cavern

2. Seepage monitoring

Seepage pressure of dam body

Seepage pressure of dam foundation

3. Environmental quantity monitoring

Water level, reservoir temperature

Precipitation, temperature

Monitoring equipment: on-line monitoring sensor

Power supply scheme: Considering the maintenance free nature of outdoor power supply, we adopt the mode of solar energy + battery pack for power supply. The battery pack is responsible for power supply of equipment, and the solar energy is responsible for charging the battery pack. At present, the power supply market is divided into lithium iron phosphate, lead acid, ternary lithium, but the limitations of this kind of battery affect the discharge performance of the battery. The HPC series capacitor developed and produced by Langsheng Technology fully gives full play to the maximum advantage of load discharge.


Wide temperature range,-40°+85°

Long service life

Free maintenance

Stable voltage

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