Is there a replacement for Israeli TADIRAN HLC1020 HLC1520 HLC1530 HLC1550 battery?

TADIRAN is a brand of long-life, high-energy lithium batteries that have overcome the challenges of high power and fast response in harsh environments, and these technologies are beginning to be widely used in a variety of weapons.

As we all know, lithium batteries can provide the highest energy ratio and voltage, very good temperature characteristics and minimal self-discharge, but in operation, but only low current discharge.

To overcome these difficulties, TADIRAN engineers combined a lithium-ion battery with another TADIRAN technology, Hybird Layer Capacitor (HLC), to create the Pulse Plus battery. The new battery has the following features:

• Low resistance, instantaneous discharge can reach more than 1A, the highest model available 5A.

• Because the leakage current of the capacitor is very low, comparable to the self-discharge of the battery, the self-discharge of the entire composite cell is still less than 2%/ year.

• Wide operating temperature, no general lithium battery in high temperature differential storage after the voltage change problem.

• The composite capacitor is charged before another discharge pulse, and the problem of voltage changes (such as passivation film) is eliminated.

TLP battery not only retains all the advantages of lithium subbattery, but also achieves the ideal state of providing large pulse current.

The battery design is unique in the field of low current supply (or no power supply), high pulse discharge at critical moments and very long battery life.

The battery can be widely used in:
• On/off valve control
• SMS and GPRS/CDMA remote data transmission
• High power microwave and other radio data transmission

The performance of larson’S IOT battery pack is almost close to that of TADURAN brand. In order to ensure the consistency of the battery, Larson has established a fully automated production line. Self-developed composite pulse series HPC performance instant discharge can reach 1A-5A, a year self-discharge of 1%, wide temperature -40°+85°, to ensure the battery long life, maintenance-free, high pulse, safety and other characteristics.

capacitor and battery combination


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